Nerdy White Gangnam Style Mariachi Band (Best Wedding Ever)

A perfect couple. A perfect day. Yes, it is possible.

What happens when a nerdy white boy from Kansas marries a sweet lively señorita from California? When a software engineer says “I do” to an interior decorator? When two cultures mingle together at a beautiful, remote B&B? Only the best. wedding. ever.

My wicked smart big brother Luke was betrothed to the love of his life Luisa at Cedar Crest Lodge in Pleasanton, KS last weekend. And while I’ll always hold my own wedding in a sacred place in my heart, I have to say this was one of the most beautiful events I’ve ever been to. The love was palpable. The weather impeccable. And the decor more than perfect (it deserves its own blog post). The glowing bride walked down the aisle to the sounds of a mariachi band, and the newly married couple entered the reception boogying down to Gangnam Style. It was sweet. And fun. And sophisticated, yet playful. Older generations burned up the dance floor with the little ones. The quote of the weekend? “It’s good to shake your arthritic hips.”

And shake we did. And eat. And laugh. And bond. The Espinozas and the Pattersons were joined as one family. My fair-skinned daughters frolicked with their new bi-lingual cousins. My cowboy hat wearing husband busted a move to Shakira. Cultures didn’t collide, they sang in harmony. For a moment in time, we were cocooned in a bubble of sunshine, autumn, love and family. The food was delicious. The venue felt like home. And the smiles on the new bride and groom were some of the most genuine I’d ever seen. My brother’s eyes sparkled. They sparkled. And if you know him at all, you know that’s a big deal.

Here are a few images that capture the feel of the day. But I need more than pictures. I need sounds. And smell. And emotion. The memories have nestled down in my heart and mind. A place where I can pull from when I’m feeling down. An extra reserve of happiness to use when times are bad. A day when life was…perfect.

Me and my beautiful flower girls. This was the only time they sat still all day.

Adorable nieces of the bride. (And my photo-bombing baby.)

The sounds of a mariachi band floating over the Eastern Kansas hills.

The happy couple entering the reception to none other than “Gangnam Style.” Because nothing says “true love” like K-Pop. (And yes, I got video of them dancing. Blackmail!) ;-)


My favorite picture from the day. If this isn’t a happy woman, I don’t know what is. Welcome to the family!

3 Responses to Nerdy White Gangnam Style Mariachi Band (Best Wedding Ever)

  1. Jaime says:

    I went to elementary and high school with Luke and have never seen him smile like he is in these pictures. So happy he found that special someone to share his life with, they both look so happy!

  2. Jim Andra says:

    Luke and Luisa,

    Congratulations on your special day. We are so glad you found each other and are part of our large family. The pictures are beautiful and i know you will cherish this day forever. Luke, remember, happy wife= happy life!! God bless you both.

    Uncle Jim Andra and Aunt Peggy Andra

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