The Unsqueaky Wheel Gets Some Grease

This face. Love this face!

I’d like to tell you about Erica. My second born. Her big sister gets all of the attention on momma’s blog, but little sister is a personality all her own. Anna is my squeaky wheel, mainly because she is three, and challenges and delights my mind in ways I never knew possible.

Just tonight, Anna told me, “Mom! I just saw an angel! In the sky! It was a girl. She had magic in her ears!” When asked the angel’s name, she replied, “Water bottle.” See? There she goes, stealing the spotlight from a post about how her little sister never gets the attention. Anyhoo…

Erica is a delight. A chubby, bubbly toddling bundle of energy and curiosity. How do I love Erica? Let me count the ways:

1. I love how she passionately embraces and smooshes her face into any stuffed animal placed in her arms. She loves her teddy bears with a passion.

2. She’s an enthusiastic and adventurous eater, often running to her high chair at the mention of food.

3. Her eyes crinkle and sparkle at the sight of nearly any animal, and she lets out a “Wheeeaaahh!” Her first word was dog. :-)

4. The gap between her front teeth is completely adorable, and gives her a smile that sets her apart from the rest.

5. She is the best hugger. She thrusts her chunky arms up at me, and flails her head back until I scoop her up. Then, she wraps those same chunky arms around my neck, nuzzles her face into my collarbone, and coos, “Maa..maa.”

6. Her little baby booty is the cutest thing ever. Others often think her diaper is in need of a change, but it’s just her plump little bottom.

7. I can’t stop kissing her smooth, round cheeks (on her face). I’ll do it 100 times a day until she’s old enough to tell me to stop (and then I’ll do it 101).

8. Her giggle is infectious. And once she starts, she has a hard time stopping herself. She literally cracks herself up.

9. I love the way she brings me her shoes and expectantly sits down, as if merely putting her shoes on will convince me we’re going somewhere. It often does.

10. She watches her big sister, and tries to mimic her crazy dances, head banging in the car seat, and even her screaming tantrums. And there goes Anna, stealing attention away from her sister again. :-)

Me and my chunkaroo.

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  1. It’s good to remember to celebrate the second. It’s not the same as the “firsts” of the oldest, but I’m sentimental about the differences and experiences of the second in a different way.

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