You’re Dang Right Momma Loves Her Body

When momma loves herself, daughter will follow.

When momma loves herself, daughter will follow.

Patterns, habits and long-term environments mold so much of who we are, but I’m convinced simple little encounters are powerful enough to change our outcome–for better or worse. Like this morning. As I was stepping out of the shower and scurrying to the bedroom to get dressed on time, my 4-year-old daughter made a comical observation. Giggling and wide-eyed, she pointed her little bird-like finger and said,

“Momma, your bottom SHAKES when you walk!”

Now, I could have responded with embarrassment, frustration, anger, or any combination of negative reactions. After all, as women we’re trained by society to do anything but embrace the jiggle. We’ve come so far with encouraging acceptance of fuller figures (and still have so far to go), but we rarely talk about the movement of these shapes. The shake. The wiggle. The jiggle. Only certain parts are supposed to do that, and only in a seductive way, not an ordinary, every day, just trying to walk down the hallway way.

But you know what? This is what women’s bodies do. And I shouldn’t say all women. Some are more athletic, some are naturally very thin. But most women. And I want my daughters to know this. There’s no shame. When a mother loves and accepts her body, her daughters will follow.

So without hesitation and with playful tone, I returned her silly comment with my own simple, yet powerful statement:

“You’re dang right. That’s what happens when you’re a grown woman.”



2 Responses to You’re Dang Right Momma Loves Her Body

  1. Emily Davis says:

    What a wonderful response to a very important teachable moment!

  2. Gina Rice says:

    I really enjoyed that true story!! What a lesson it gives to us all. I agree with you, as the “Barbie” image is hurtful and painful to all little girls and women alike. A wonderful reply, and life lesson for us all.

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